Basic Points
Continuous Improvement

Application systems:

Dry- and wet-offset (hybrid)
Roller coating
Knife system (flexo)
Digital Print
Screen Printing
Nozzle application

Product line:

UV/EB curable clearcoats (gloss/satin/matt finish)
UV-flourescence inks unvisible
UV Clear Primer
Offset varnishes (oxidative drying)
Fountain solutions for wet offset

Standard and tailor-made clear coating systems (mostly uv-reactive)

Would you like to know the advantages of UV-coatings without air bubbles and craters? In addition to that they show an improved scratch resistance.

Have you been searching for an excellent shine and above-average anti-adhesive properties? 

Pegoprint also offers you an advanced portfolio of UV-coatings apart from our standard programme that covers a wide variety of applications with the main emphasis on the printing industry. Two thirds of our turnover results on tailor-made coating systems for selected customers.

Our basic business policy is the permanent increase for the benefit of our customers. Whatever we do or think is based exclusively on our goal to improve your business success by cooperating with us. That is why we are persistently concentrating on our core competence: to deliver high-quality products at low prices as fast as possible.

A creative network of partners for development, production and application allows the effective grouping of different resources.

Please contact us so that we can better understand your needs and offer you the best product possible.

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